Folks, Must You Really Squeeze Into Skinny Jeans?


“Pants speak to majority rule government in design.” – Giorgio Armani

I’d must be insane not to concur with the colossal man. From loose flares to garish boot-cuts and I-can-see-your-coin-opening ones to tore matches that cost more than standard ones – the universe of pants has grasped a great deal of styles. However what Armani may have advantageously overlooked is that occasionally majority rule government drives us to settle on decisions that are now and again exceptionally… suppose, flawed.

Some may call it advancement, however seeing some of these patterns, I can just call it a serious instance of “What the hell were they considering?” And to make things significantly all the more fascinating, I as of late learnt that Google is teaming up with Levi’s to make another denim fabric. In the event that Project Jacquard goes as arranged, you’ll soon have the capacity to run your hands over your pants to control your telephone. While they’re kind of breathing new life into the expression “butt-dial”, some way or another I can’t quit imagining individuals rubbing their pants out in the open while saying, “I was simply attempting to change the music track.”

Presently, I’ll be the first to concede that my style sense is not by any stretch of the imagination choice. Actually, in the event that anything, it has turned out to be logically “less fascinating” as the years have passed by. I’m a 30-something, round grown-up male who by one means or another figured out how to catch a lady who was unquestionably out of his association and now lives cheerfully with her and their four-year-old child. This shouldn’t imply that that all wedded and settled men don’t have great style sense. I’m simply discussing me.

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