Michelle Obama’s Final State Dinner Gown Is a Sartorial Mic Drop


On Tuesday night, the President and First Lady facilitated their last State Dinner at the White House, inviting Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his better half Mrs. Agnese Landini.

FLOTUS with Mrs. Agnese Landini, wife of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

In her eight years as First Lady, Michelle Obama has amazed us with her mold—going out on a limb, supporting new architects, blending high and low, rehashing outfits, and straight up staggering on the regular.

As she’s done this evening, for one of her last formal trips, wearing a uniquely designed, rose gold, chain mail Atelier Versace gown..

In an announcement, originator Donatella Versace composes that she is “lowered and respected to have the chance to dress the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama,” including, “Thank you Michelle for everything you have accomplished for America and for whatever is left of the world, for the ladies in the United States and whatever is left of the world.”


Here she is making her grand entrance:

Wow are we gonna miss Michelle Obama.

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