The Robotic Gourmet


The world’s first robot gourmet is here. A company called Moley Robotics has created a robot that it claims can cook “any dish from anywhere in the world.”

Moley’s Robotic Kitchen consists a set of robotic arms that can do all the kitchen chores. The Kitchen’s hands look like those of a real human being; they have five fingers which means they can do everything, including washing the dishes.


The robot is capable of preparing restaurant-quality meals and washing dishes, the company’s Facebook page claims. The robot’s movements are designed to mimic those of Tim Anderson, a winner of the reality TV show master chef.

The company claims its chef can even perform delicate tasks like cracking eggs. Youtube video shows it mixing and heating up food on the stove top.

Moley is trying to raise £1 million ($1.22 million) on the crowdfunding platform seedrs to commercialize its product. Unfortunately only UK and EU citizens can invest in it at this time.

Coming to a Kitchen near You

The kitchen’s inventor Dr. Mark Olyenik boasts that the robotic kitchen will one day be cheap enough for millions of people to place in their kitchens.

A more likely scenario is widespread adoption in the restaurant industry. American restaurants are already facing a labor shortage. Even eateries in lesser like Pittsburgh are having a hard time finding kitchen labor.


Cooks at some restaurants in the Steel City are working 12 hours a day; and many eateries are raising pay but still cannot fill all the jobs, The Incline reported. Moley’s arms might be the solution, particularly if they can be mass manufactured.

Lots of Competition in the Robotic Kitchen

The kitchen is the next frontier for robotics with other companies lining up to enter the arena. Bay-Area startup Zume Pizza uses standard industrial robots built by ABB to make its pies.

Beyond restaurants other uses for kitchen robots include institutions with cafeterias like schools and hospitals and company lunchrooms. Other potential buyers include the navy, Moley’s hands would be ideal for a galley on a warship, the merchant marine, airplanes, hotels and the space program. Even the army might deploy robotic field kitchens to free up infantrymen to the do the fighting.


A Moley Robotic Kitchen would be an ideal food-preparation solution for Elon Musk’s proposed Interplanetary Transportation System. Such technology might make the settlement of Mars possible by reducing the need for human laborers.

Kitchen Robots and Income Inequality

The debates over income inequality and the basic income are likely to heat up as kitchen robots appear. What happens to society when the few jobs requiring just a pair of hands; and a willingness to work hard, disappear?

What will the poor do when there are no jobs for them? That nightmare might soon become a reality thanks to companies like Moley Robotics.

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