My Favorite Matte Lipsticks

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I love wearing lipstick, yet how to locate the last that suits us best? You have to touch-up your cosmetics throughout the day, you have lipstick on your teeth sooner or later and the craving of wearing the last reductions as snappy as the life span of your lipstick. Which is the reason matte lipstick are the best answer for maintain a strategic distance from those small irritating issues.

I found matte lipstick a couple of years back. It was just as of late that my company asked me what I do all together for my lipstick to hold for a few hours. All things considered, its a well known fact nor magic! Matte lipstick are the bomb! It wont recolor your teeth and I’m coming clean when I say I just apply the shade once every day. It keeps going that long! However not every single restorative line offer matte shades and here in Canada, we can say thanks to MAC which offers those infants and in addition in a few drugstores.

Presently, right away, here are my most loved matte shades.


Retro Matte-All Fired Up‘ is the primary shade I’ve ever purchased. Winter or spring, this shading runs with everything. It gives that chic touch to any given outfits. Perfect in case you’re having your photo taken or to go out and see a HABS diversion.



‘Retro-Matte, Flat Out Fabulous’ resemble its name: fantastic! A blend between peony pink and plum; simple to wear like the first.



Matte, Please Me is more inconspicuous. Ideal for a school or work day, winter or summer.

‘Matte, Diva’ is a magnificent shading, in any case, the last is difficult to pull off. I’d wear it during winter since it’s an perfect shading to be worn during a night out with the young ladies. Here’s a photo of me as I’m wearing the “Diva” shade.


At the point when purchasing another lipstick, we regularly don’t put an excess of thought into its enduring impact. Once you’ve purchased the thing, you’re regularly confronted with frustration! On the off chance that you cherish a great lipstick and which holds for some time, I’d recommend to you put resources into purchasing a matte lipstick from MAC.


HD-Obsession‘ was conveyed to my consideration by my mom. It’s more similar to a shine that will give a radiant and shimmery impact. Besides the last smells amazing! It reminds me or the ‘Retro Matte-All Fired Up’ from MAC and is ideal for a wide range of events.

I haven’t attempted ‘HD-Devotion‘, however it’s on my schedule. As I would like to think, I could contrast it with ‘Matte-Please Me‘ by MAC however in a more shimmery shade which should be easy to wear with pastel colours.

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