First Hyperloop will be built in Dubai


Hyperloop One has announced plans to build the world’s first commercial Hyperloop system in Dubai, by 2020.

The completely autonomous system looks totally different from any design we’ve seen so far. Hyperloop One posted a youtube video showing animation of the system in action and a new vehicle called the Hyperpod. The animation shows the square shaped pods cruising down a highway and shooting through tubes, but it appears that they will be tube only.

The Hyperpods will move through the Hyperloop tubes at airline speeds carrying both cargo and passengers. The system will connect Dubai’s airport with nearby cities and a port.

A video released by Hyperloop One; claims a Hyperpod would travel between the United Arab Emirates cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in just 12 minutes.

The 159.4 kilometer trip currently takes around two hours by car. The same video claims that Hyperloop would reduce travel time between Dubai and Doha in Bahrain from seven hours to 23 minutes. The distance between those cities is 379 kilometers.

A trip between Dubai and Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh which now takes around 10 hours by car or one hour and 45 minutes by plane would take 48 minutes by Hyperloop. The distance between Dubai and Riyadh is nearly 1,000 kilometers (975.24) to be exact.

The Hyperloop Age is About to Begin

Hyperloop One has had a team on the ground in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for some time. The company and the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority are evaluating the feasibility of building a system in Dubai and UAE.

Hyperloop One received a $50 million investment from DP World Group of Dubai, the third-largest port operator in the world, Techcrunch reported. DP World Group plans to build a system that will connect ports and cities in the Persian Gulf country.

Hyperloop One is planning its Kitty Hawk moment, a test of the technology in North Las Vegas Nevada next year. Elon Musk is also planning to test the technology and a variety of Hyperloop pod designs at his SpaceX rocket factory in Hawthorne, California, next year.

It looks as if the Hyperloop Age is about to begin in the Persian Gulf. One has to wonder when Hyperpods will be speeding across the United States and Europe.

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