6 Tips to Protect Your Hair From the Winter Cold!

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Up until this week I was truly happy with Montreal’s weather. Yes, it could’ve been something more, compare to last year, it hasn’t been that cold. But than on, then on Monday: Blam! Natural mother “generous” reminded me what Canadian winter feels like! Tragically, this kind of weather takes a toll on our hair because the air is so dry both inside (thank you heating systems -_-‘) and outside. That why it’s important to switch your hair care regiment regimen to a more concentrated and moisturising one. To help you out, I’ve raised a list of 6 tips on throw to protect your hair against the harsh weather!

Tip #1: Hair Masks

As I’ve specified some time recently, the present climate is drying out our strands and using just conditioner isn’t moisturising enough. Once a week, skip the conditioner and lather on a hair mask instantly! In the event that you have sufficient energy to pamper yourself, why not do a 20 minute one? (Some of my personal top choices are homemade ones with olive oil and coconut oil) If you however don’t have that luxury, a few masks just require 2-5 minutes of your time (so you can put it on toward the start of your shower and wash it off when you’re set whatever remains of your body ). Some of my top choices are phytokarite Ultra Nourishing Mask and Marula Deep Moisture Hair Mask.

Tip #2: Don’t go out with wet hair!

Going out into the cold with wet hair is to a extremely harming. At the point when your hair swings to ice, the water on it and the moisture inside extends (so you’re swelling your hair from within ). This leads to harmed strands that are inclined to breakage. Rather, set aside the opportunity to blow dry your hair (But keep in mind to use heat protect! Like this Tresemmé Thermal Creation Heat Tamer Spray!) In a rush? You can speed up the procedure by squeezing the additional water out of your hair with an old shirt (it’s less harming for your cuticle than a towel thus your hair won’t get all crimped.

Tip #3: Use Oils

Dry hair = hair that doesn’t have enough oils to stay healthy, smooth and sparkling. That is the reason it’s important to complete your blow dry (or air dry if you can) by applying a few oils to your strands. Be careful and check the ingredient when purchase your product: some of them will just have oils at the base of the list (ingredients are listed in descending order of proportion ighby wet. So the further down the oils are, the less moisturising it is :/). I recommended Bumble and Bumble hairdresser’s Invisible oil Heat/ UV Protection Prime as it is light in texture and enters to a extremely quick (so it won’t stain your clothes! Better believe it!)

Tip #4: Use a Leave-in Conditioner

Applying a leave-in conditioner will keep your hair moisturised for the whole day (some of them additionally give heat protect and UV assurance! ). The products available differ regarding texture and consequently not all products are proper for your hair type (a leave in conditioner that was made for fine hair may not hydrate enough in the event that you have thicker strands while one that was made for coarse hair may weight down better locks). Ensure you do some examination before making your buy! I personally Recommended Olivella The Olive Conditioner

Tip#5: The Silk Scarf!

The external layer of the hair, known as the cuticle layer, is made of little scales that can open and close. At the point when your hair rubs against the fabric of your cap, it pushes the cuticle open and harms them, leading to hair diminishing and breakage (which we don’t need ). An answer for this issue is to wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your cap: it’s a milder texture that will float easily on your cuticle (and it’s so retro style! )

Tip #6: You Are What You Eat

What you put inside your body will affect your hair’s general Health. Try including foods like avocado and salmon to your dinners: they’re rich in fatty acid which will keep your hair healthy and moisturised. Also, since hair is made of protein (generally known as Keratin) ensure you’re eating enough nuts, beans, eggs, meats or whatever other spring of protein: it’ll keep it strong.

What’s more, that is it! You’re currently better armed for your fight against the winter cold!

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