Bacon Flavored Mushrooms are here


Mushrooms that as far as anyone knows suggest a flavor like bacon might be the way to your local supermarket.

An variety of oyster mushrooms; developed by the Sonoran Mushroom Company in Tucson, Arizona, suggests a flavor like bacon when sautéed with salt and olive oil, KVOA Los Angeles and Fine Dining Lovers reported. The mushrooms are reportedly all natural and vegetarian.

Sonoran archived the bacon flavor by developing the mushrooms in a special indoor office which takes into consideration add up to control of environment, humidity and temperature. Of course the bacon mushroom is the company’s most famous product as according by Sonaran’s site.

Sadly the bacon mushrooms are just accessible at agriculturist’s business sectors in Tucson or for wholesale and restaurant orders from Sonoran. News stories did not state whether the company arrangements to appropriate the mushrooms past Arizona or through national basic need chains, for example, Kroger (NYSE: KR). Since Kroger works in Arizona as Smith’s it may be a natural fit. Nor did they say if there are any arrangements to permit or offer the bacon mushrooms to different growers.

Although whispered distribution of the bacon mushrooms is most likely unavoidable. They appear like a logical ingredient for dishes, for example, pizza and salads as well as a perfect entrée for vegetarian restaurants.

There would be a Huge Market for Bacon Mushrooms

Long term uses might include as a hamburger topping; bacon burgers are well known in the United States, and as a minimal effort substitute for bacon. As of now the shrooms offer for $4.99 for a 1.5 ounce (42.5 gram) holder which is about a similar cost for bacon.

Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and Jack in the Box might need to investigate bacon mushrooms. They may be a lower cost and more advantageous substitute for bacon, so may coffee shop chains like Denny’s (NYSE: DENN) and Yum Brands (NYSE: YUM) which works Pizza Hut. Both mushrooms and bacon are a well known pizza beating in the United States.

Kroger may be keen on bacon enhanced mushrooms since it works pizzerias and bistros in a large portion of its markets.

An interesting use for bacon mushrooms would be in the space program. Especially in Elon Musk’s proposed endeavors to settle Mars where there are probably no swines. Mushrooms may be the most commonsense meat substitute on the Red Planet. Since it may take decades for Mars’ first hoard ranch to open, bacon mushrooms would be an appreciated treat on Planet Musk.

Presently just a single question stays about bacon mushrooms – by what method may they taste with eggs or in a BLT (bacon lettuce tomato) sandwich? Bacon beaus are anticipating the answer.

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