Marko Stout Rocks the Art World

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Marko Stout’s downtown exhibitions have been one of the hottest tickets in New York this year. In a recent article the Huffington Post asked the “Is Marko Stout the next Warhol”. The New York Times referred to Marko Stout as a “…rock star of the art world”- and anyone who ever attended an open night of one of the artist’s exhibitions knows why.

This renowned New York artist draws very large crowds of younger millennial art fans to his exhibitions. For years Stout’s popularity was cult like and localized to New York- however after a series of high profiles sales and international exhibitions his reputation has grown rapidly, making him one of the hottest contemporary artists working today.

Marko Stout is considered by many to be the quintessential New York artist and up until very recently few outside of NYC knew his name. However after a few high profile exhibitions and sales, the art world and media have taken notice. In the spring of 2016 Marko Stout received massive media coverage after a record breaking sale of his large female sculptures to a Berlin nightclub owner at the popular New York Art Expo show hosted by the Redwood Media Group, LLC. The artist was also featured in Food and Beverage magazine and Beat Magazine after the sale of his latest print series to the SoHo Grill in downtown NYC. This trendy eatery also displays a large collection of pop art by other famous New York artists such as Warhol, Haring and Lichtenstein. 

Stout produces work in a variety of media including print, painting, sculpture, film, video, photography and new media. Many critics and others in the media have been favorably comparing the artist to Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons- with the Huffington Post calling the artist, “the next Warhol”. 

In addition to the many art shows and exhibitions scheduled for this young artist, Marko Stout and local New York art dealers are talking with NetFlix about developing a reality show revolving around the artist, his models and the drama of the New York art scene. Stout is also working to produce an experimental art film festival in New York City. Marko Stout’s “Lips Film Festival” plans to debut their first annual event in October 2017.

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