Best Ways To Keep Your Shirt Tucked


For those who dress-up for work, or prefer the tucked look over the untucked look, keeping your shirt tucked throughout the day can be a difficult task.

Every day the vast majority of us will experience a scope of exercises and movements like sitting, standing, bowing, coming to, and getting in and out of the auto. Definitely, our pleasantly tucked shirt is currently rumpled, and we wind up doing the shirt retucking move.

Obviously, this isn’t only a one time thing – it reoccurs commonly for the duration of the day.

As one who is a non-tucker (not tucking my external shirt into my jeans) most of the time, my test for a long time before beginning this site was keeping my undershirt legitimately tucked.

Gratefully, there were a couple savvy undershirt organizations that handled this issue right off the bat, some of which are promoter’s here on my site, and they cunningly made undershirts that were cut longer and fit all the more nearly around your hips, so that your undershirt would remain tucked much better then some time recently.

In spite of the fact that that to a great extent tackled the undershirt tuckability issue, the issue of keeping your customary/dress shirts tucked hasn’t generally be all around tended to.

In this way, throughout the years I’ve been watchful for solutions that will help keep your shirts tucked, and I finally come out for Tucked Trunks.

About Tucked Trunks

Tucked Trunks is the first ever underwear brief specifically designed to hold your dress shirt tucked in place. The brief consists of lightweight materials for overall comfort. A patent pending double waist band, security button system and non slip multi grip technology will aid in your every moment to keep your shirt neatly tucked in and looking sharp!

Patented Non Slip Rubber In Outer Band

The world’s first patented boxer brief with an elegant yet, modern design made to hold your shirt in place.

Security Button System

Security Button

Designed to interlock with your shirt and aid in every moment to keep your shirt inside your pants and looking your best.

Dual Band Patented Technology

Designed with excellence to keep your shirt crisp and tucked all day long!

Ready To Go In Under A Minute

No more hassle! Tucked Trunks is a boxer brief! This is the best part of Tucked Trunks! If you have to wear underwear anyway, why not wear a Tucked Trunk that keeps your shirt tucked in and looking sharp!


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