5 Positive impacts of donating to charity


There is a Jewish saying that goes as follows: “Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world”. The act of giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference. More often than not, people tend to believe that charity is all about making a difference in other people’s lives. You might be surprised to learn that when you donate to charitable causes, you who can end up making a difference in your life as well. Mentioned below are 5 positive impacts of donating to charity.

Experience a sense of pleasure

According to a study conducted by a team of professors from the University of Oregon, charitable contributions help to activate the pleasure centers inside the human brain. When you contribute to charitable causes, a response is generated in your brain that is akin to the one created by drugs and other stimuli. This response makes you feel better in a unique way. In other words, charitable giving can help you to experience pleasure in the deepest parts of your physiology, which you may not achieve even while partying out with friends or buying a new dress for yourself.

Decrease your tax burden

Charitable contributions can bring you financial benefits as well. While you are contributing to making other people’s lives a bit smooth, you also get a scope to earn some monetary benefit for your generous act. This is possible when you report your charitable contributions for a reduction in your taxable income during your tax return. Even if you have not made much cash donations, you can donate things like furniture and vehicles and claim the value of such contributions as a deduction.

Add more meaning to your life

Happiness and life satisfaction may seem to be the same thing but in reality, they are not. When you donate to charitable causes, you contribute towards making an impact on the causes that are close to your heart. This can fill your everyday life with more meaning. You can be left with a feeling of enhanced joy and contentment due to your noble act of giving to the society without expecting anything in return.

Help out your local community

When you donate to local community organizations or charities, you help to create a safety net that reaches out to people in your local community who are in need of vital assistance. Larger organizations may not always cater to the needs of your local community. But your private funding to local charities can be effective in providing support to the people who are in need of your help in your local surroundings.

Inspire and motivate others

In case of charitable donations, every bit counts. Your act of donating to charities can motivate your friends and family to do their bit towards those who are in need of help in the society. If you have kids, they will also grow up to adopt this mindset. If you can inspire even one individual to follow your example, you will make a difference to the society as a responsible human being.

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