I’M 1 – Men Lifestyle Brand

Fashion, Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the way of life, Lifestyle is also the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of an individual.I’M1 is a lifestyle brand for the man who isn’t threatened by change, but embraces it willingly and vigorously. I’M 1 is the lifestyle brand who take pride in their appearance.

The I’M1 Man takes pride in his appearance, thrives on quality and values what matters. Joining the I’M1 revolution emanates a lifestyle with the mystique of the greatest espionage novels, while simultaneously giving back to our communities. I’M1, of Level Brands, expands men’s fashion market through partnership with leading bespoke menswear firm, André Phillipe. I’M1, the Millennial brand for men who love them, has widened its imprint through a new partnership with Dallas-based bespoke, menswear design and manufacturing house, André Phillipe.

I’M 1 is partner with Kure Vaporium. Today vaping is a full-blown phenomena and deeply steeped lifestyle.KURE Vaporium & Lounges raise the bar to ditch dingy head shop vibes and back room mixing. Kure tossed the social exclusion and threw in top-notch tech. KURE revolutionized the vape store concept and took it as mainstream as the local coffeehouse. KURE CULTURED A KURE.

“Kure is the most dynamic vaping company in the world. As a marine and an executive for kathyireland Worldwide, I’m welltravelled and have hit up vape stores everywhere. No one else has the cool culture of Kure. The flavors, the equipment, the curators make it the opposite of a head shop. Kure is an adult playground. It’s a lifestyle in a lounge. I’M 1 starting contests to create products, art, and better living by vaping with Kure”. Co-Found of I’M1 a subsidiary of Level Brands in Charlotte North Carolina, Vice President and Board Member of kathyireland Worldwide.

I’M 1 is also partner with Level Brans. Level Brands creates bold, unconventional and socially responsible branding for leading businesses. With a focus on consumer products marketing beauty, fashion and entertainment, Level Brands designs companies that disrupts industries to redefine leaders.

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