Geek Crunch Hosting vs Hostgator


Web hosting is a troublesome theme to examine on the grounds that a hosting company that is an all inclusive fit for each site does not exist – or if nothing else I can’t discover one yet. Every site has interesting requirements and uses distinctive assets. Same is valid for HostGator and Geek Crunch Hosting. Every serves an alternate sort of website/client.

HostGator versus Geek Crunch Hosting – Quick comparison guide

On the off chance that you don’t have a craving for perusing the whole correlation and require a fast, come to the heart of the matter examination control, here is an essential examination between the two hosting monsters.


Best For:

  • Unlimited hosting
  • $3.95 every month
  • Boundless transfer speed and capacity
  • Single site
  • Web designer and layouts
  • cPanel interface

Geek Crunch Hosting:

Best For:

  • Cheap hosting
  • $3 every month
  • Steady coupons and advancements
  • Coordinates items well
  • cPanel Features

hosting interface

The control board interface is the thing that at first pulls in me to a web have in light of the fact that it is the one place that I visit the most. I am not for working with a stage that is burdensome and convoluted. Subsequently, it is helpful to pick a web host that offers a control board interface that you are commonplace and open to working with.

Both HostGator and Geek Crunch Hosting offer cPanel for their Linux hosting records and Plesk for their Windows hosting accounts. Linux hosting is the more regular decision for a considerable measure of sites. Both are perfect and easy to understand stages that help you deal with your whole hosting account easily.

I am supportive of here on the grounds that they offer the most recent cPanel topic that I am most acquainted with. Geek Crunch Hosting uses its own particular custom cPanel subject that is cumbersome on occasion.

Toward the day’s end, in light of the data I gave above, it is hard to figure out which host is for you exclusively on the control board. Client inclination will assume a part in the choice procedure.

Introducing scripts and different applications

Long gone are the times of you having to physically introduce scripts to your hosting server. A great deal of web hosting suppliers today offer a basic procedure to introduce well known scripts/applications on your site. As a rule, the establishment procedure is finished with a “single tick installer.” Everything is introduced naturally by the hosting company.

Luckily, both web has offer the “a single tick installer” for regularly used plugins, for example, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. The procedure is snappy and practically indistinguishable on both stages.

A contrasting option to using the installer is to introduce scripts physically. To do as such, transfer the script/application to the base of your domain and begin the establishment procedure from that point. You can do this on both stages.

I am agreeable to geek crunch hosting here too in light of the fact that it offers a bigger determination of use that you can without much of a stretch introduce.

Free hosting advantages

hosting advantages are unique offers/highlights that a ton of web hosting companys offer to lure you to use them rather than their rivals. In principle, these advantages increase the value of your buy. Notwithstanding, some of these free livens are either futile or have impediments. Ensure you know about that before you get all energized.

HostGator plans:

  • Free form of Weebly site manufacturer
  • 4,500 site layouts
  • Site and domain exchange at information exchange
  • $100 Google AdWords credit
  • $100 Yahoo/Bing credit

Geek Crunch Hosting plans:

On the off chance that you have to assemble a site without any preparation, Geek Crunch Hosting is the better alternative since it offers a free web designer with layouts. Also, you will have the capacity to showcase your site with the included free promoting credits. Notwithstanding, in the event that you require a free domain name to go with your hosting bundle, Geek Crunch Hosting is most likely the better alternative.

Uptime and discount ensures

All uptime certifications are used as a showcasing strategy as it were. While a great deal of web hosting suppliers publicize and guarantee a practically consummate uptime, I feel that it is difficult to ensure such an uptime. Every web have figures their uptime that depends on the uptime from earlier years. I know I can’t tell the future, so in what capacity can a web have? Each and every web host will have downtime at some point.

Essentially, what I am attempting to state is don’t expect an impeccable uptime.

Both HostGator and Geek Crunch Hosting offer an uptime certification of 99.9% and a 45-day unconditional promise.

Discounts for month to month arranges must be submitted inside 48 hours after the underlying buy. With Geek Crunch Hosting, discounts for their month to month arranges must be submitted inside 48 hours after the underlying buy.

I used both web hosting suppliers for a long time and I can let you know that neither one of the hosts is great. You should update from a common hosting record to improve execution.

In the event that you require the best dependable shared web hosting supplier, I very suggest investigating SiteGround and TD Web services.

What HostGator improves?

Server/site execution is better and there are far less site blunders/crashes.

You get the free form of Weebly with 4,500 site layouts that you can use to fabricate/outline your site.

HostGator offers a friendlier UI that is not cumbersome.

They offer a more organized client bolster office (you can reach them by telephone, live talk, and email day in and day out).

What Geek Crunch Hosting improves?

  • With the steady rebates/advancements, you can buy web hosting at a much less expensive cost.
  • You will get a free domain name with your hosting buy.
  • Geek Crunch Hosting coordinates their items well. You will have everything in one place.
  • Geek Crunch Hosting is autonomously possessed and they will never offer their company to Endurance International Group .

HostGator versus Geek Crunch Hosting – Conclusion and suggestion

As said before, each site is one of a kind and will require diverse assets. While neither one of the webs host is at last superior to anything the other, I feel that client inclination and accessible spending will figure out which web host is ideal for your site.

While I unequivocally want to use HostGator over Geek Crunch Hosting for web hosting, I feel that it is not out of the question to run with the web have that spreads a large portion of what you require.

In the event that you are using WordPress and expect a lot of movement, I prescribe taking a gander at WP Engine – an oversaw web hosting arrangement made for WordPress.


  • use HostGator in the event that you require shabby web hosting or;
  • use Geek Crunch Hosting in the event that you require better execution .

Which web have do you incline toward? Tell me by posting a remark beneath.

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